Part 3: Food Safety in Kitchens

Heath professionals could play an important role in addressing health concerns by better educating their patients on frequently ignored and often unknown proper food safety techniques that could help to avoid their current health concerns. Adding endpoint cooking temperatures in recipes and educational materials are helpful cues to action for the consumer. Recipe HACCP (Hazard [...]

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America’s Sweet Tooth

Popularity of Ice Cream According to a Yahoo report ice cream is America’s favorite dessert chosen by 41% of Americans. In any given two week period, according to the NPD marketing research group, 40% of Americans will eat ice cream. NPD found that children between the ages of 6-12 years consume the most ice cream [...]

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The Cold Truth: Safety Is No Accident

Dispensing Freezers, also known as soft serve machines, dish out over 188,000 jobs across the United States annually. An OSHA violation carries a max penalty of seven thousand dollars. The real damage to a fast food establishment is it's reputation. Work place hazards related to manually cleaning dispensing freezers may include; handling sharp hardware, repetitious [...]

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