Part ll: Contamination Prone Food Service Equipment- Cutting Boards

Studies have reported up to 80% of all grocery store chickens in the US are contaminated with Salmonella, Campylobacter or both. Plastic cutting boards should be replaced often due to wear-and-tear creating a difficult surface to remove pathogens from. Kitchens should have a minimum of 2 cutting boards; 1 for vegetables/fruit and 1 for raw [...]

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The Cold Truth: Safety Is No Accident

Dispensing Freezers, also known as soft serve machines, dish out over 188,000 jobs across the United States annually. An OSHA violation carries a max penalty of seven thousand dollars. The real damage to a fast food establishment is it's reputation. Work place hazards related to manually cleaning dispensing freezers may include; handling sharp hardware, repetitious [...]

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