Removal and Transfer of Viruses on Food Contact Surfaces

Studies show that norovirus is the primary cause of foodborne disease outbreaks reported in the US causing 5.5 million illnesses each year. Economically, norovirus cost approximately $625 per case equivalent to $3.7 billion each year with respect to food borne illnesses attributable to norovirus. Norovirus may be transferred via person to person or indirectly by [...]

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Food Safety Factors in Fast Food Establishments

Foodborne illness remains a critical public safety issue. Scallan et al. (1) in a 2011 CDC report estimated that 48 million people contract a foodborne illness annually in the US. However, during 2009-2010 the CDC reported only 1,527 foodborne illness outbreaks. This underreporting is obviously concerning to public health officials. In 2013 Arendt, S. et [...]

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