From the desk of Gary M Russotti MD, MS, FAAOS


As we have been receiving calls from franchisees inquiring if the LEXX wipes can be used to kill the Coronavirus, I thought I’d send you a quick note explaining how you can use the LEXX solution to kill the virus.


Sanitizers, as defined by EPA, are solutions which reduce bacterial populations by significant numbers, which is why you use it to clean your soft serve machines, food processors, ice machines and beverage dispensers. However EPA defines disinfectants as having the capability to destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses.


If you are a Hydra Rinse user, the LEXX concentrated solution can be used to kill the virus because it is registered with EPA as a hospital grade disinfectant. LEXX is certified to kill Norovirus which is a small non enveloped virus and the most difficult of viruses to kill with a disinfectant.

As the Coronavirus is an enveloped virus which is least resistant to disinfectants, we are in the process of receiving an addition to our label stating that we kill the Coronavirus as well.


How can you use LEXX to kill the Coronavirus?

If you want to disinfect against the Coronavirus, mix 1 ounce of LEXX concentrate (from 1 gallon jug used for the wand) with 32 ounces of water. Spray on the surface you want disinfected and leave for 10 min. You can then use a LEXX wipe to wipe off any residual.


Gary M Russotti MD, MS, FAAOS

Director of Medical/Biochemical R&D

and Regulatory Compliance