We are excited to share the news that Reis & Irvy’s, the popular soft serve and froyo kiosks owned by Generation NEXT, have been “approved by the CDPH (California Dept. of Public Health) for a variance that allows the machines to operate in California.”

“The approval requires the use of […] the “Hydra Rinse Mobile System” for cleaning and sanitizing the machines.” This comes as a great achievement for both Hydra Rinse and Gen NEXT as we are changing the way we approach soft serve and the way we clean our machines.

Food safety is the main concern when it comes to cleaning schedules and quality of clean, that is why Hydra Rinse is a perfect match for Reis & Irvy’s. Hydra Rinse removes the risk of user variation and promises a consistent clean every time. Reis & Irvy’s also believes in this promise to its customers and to ensure they are held to that standard they will have “quarterly bacteriological testing of the machines,” and will “[implement] a robust Quality Assurance Plan.”

Something that can interfere with the quality and quantity of cleanings is that many franchisees own multiple locations. The question of how best to clean comes up at a lot. Prior to Hydra Rinse, it meant walking heavy buckets to and from an approved drain or sink, to be repeated at every location, every day. This process extended the time it took to clean while reducing the efficiency. With Hydra Rinse, our “cleaning system replaces the 24-hour cleaning schedule requirement in California, with a schedule that allows operators to service their kiosks once every 72 hours.” This new approach provides owners with the ability to clean at their machines, which reduces labor time and improves efficiency, all while allowing them to spread out their cleaning schedules at a safe frequency.

We look forward to the future of ice cream but most importantly, keeping you safe.

Read more about the CA approval at NBC 7 San Diego


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