The National Restaurant Association reports the average American family eats out 4-5 times a week. With people dining out more than ever before, restaurants are looking for new ways to serve food faster and more efficiently to their customers. More food, more employees, more menu options, more customers, more costs and…MORE LIABILITIES.

Many restaurants do not realize how much 1 outbreak can affect their bottom line and most importantly their reputation in the food industry.

Cost of Food Safety

Buying Power

Consumers are beginning to demand healthier food and cleaner restaurants. Establishments with poor online reviews or low grades from a health department inspection are tainted for an indefinite amount of time with a “bad rep”.

A basic food safety online course for an employee can cost as little as $15 per employee. The employee gains an understanding of the importance of preventing cross-contamination, awareness of time and temperature control as well as cleaning and sanitation costs.

Cost of Food Safety

Symptoms of food poisoning:

People most at risk of food born illness:


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