Part 2: Food Safety in Kitchens

Many consumers feel that using a thermometer to check cooking temps will diminish the opinions others have on their cooking skills. Home cooks take the stance they have never acquired a foodborne illness at home and that it will never happen to them. Consumers give themselves high passing grades for their own food preparation skills [...]

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Part 1: Food Safety In Kitchens

Studies have cited that the kitchen is more heavily contaminated with fecal bacteria than bathrooms. Food in the refrigerator that is packed too tightly, restricting air circulation, prohibits proper food temperatures. Microwave ovens are another site of cross contamination risk due to consumers not cleaning regularly. Young children, the elderly, the immunocompromised and pregnant women [...]

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Thumbs Up to Proper Hand Hygiene!

Proper hand hygiene is a major factor in preventing contamination of food and food contact surfaces in all food service establishments. It is vitally important in preventing healthcare acquired infections in all healthcare facilities. Proper education and compliance in hand washing is a critical necessity in any institution that directly contacts the public consumer or [...]

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