Hello, Hola, Tere and Hallo!

The food service industry employs 14.7 million workers and a large majority of these workers have limited proficiency in English or (LEP). We discuss this in detail in last week’s blog, check it out here.

That’s A LOT of people. Ineffective communicating in restaurants and food establishments can result in safety risks, decreased productivity and poor morale.

So, how do you succeed in an ever-transforming industry? It’s simple. You must transform with it.

Despite only 15-20% of Americans being bilingual, researchers have found many health benefits. These benefits can include better decision making, increased attention span and advanced problem solving skills.

Technology makes learning a language easier than ever before. Many companies have training programs in place to teach employees new languages. If you are looking to enhance or learn on your own, check out a few of our favorites.

Rosetta Stone
Google Translate

When it comes to your business bottom line, it’s best to verse yourself in every detail. Break down barriers. Connect with employees and customers. Perfect yourself as a leader.

Thanks for reading!

-The Hydra Rinse Team

En español:

Cuando se trata de los resultados de su negocio, lo mejor es versarte en cada detalle. Romper las barreras. Conéctese con empleados y clientes. Perfeccionate como un lider

¡Gracias por leer!

-El equipo Hydra Rinse

In Estland:

Mis puutub teie ettevõtte põhijoonesse, siis on kõige parem arutleda iga detaili osas. Lagundage takistused. Ühendage töötajate ja klientidega. Täiuske end juhina.

Täname lugemise eest!

– Hydra loputusmeeskond

Auf Deutsch:

Wenn es um das Geschäftsergebnis geht, ist es das Beste, sich in jedem Detail zu verdrehen. Hindernisse niederreißen. Verbinde dich mit Mitarbeitern und Kunden. Perfektioniere dich als Anführer.

Danke fürs Lesen!

-Das Hydra Spülen Team




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