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hydra rinse parent company

Idea Boxx is focused on creating a healthier living environment by seeking  new ideas for innovation  to drive transformational industry change in a beneficial sustainable way.



Hydra Rinse LLC is the first spin off of Idea Boxx. Its product is the world’s first, inexpensive, patent approved, NSF certified, automated cleaning and sanitizing system for soft serve ice cream and yogurt machines. It eliminates user variation to create an automated, standardized, consistent, repeatable cleaning and sanitizing process with measurable results. An exciting sustainability benefit is that this process uses half the water of a traditional cleaning process, potentially saving billions of gallons of fresh water annually.



ProNatural Brands is a chemical company focused on natural and naturally derived chemical compound formulations for application in the food processing and additive industries and the very broad cleaning industry. Its cleaning formulations avoid and eliminate the use of any chlorine and ammonia compounds. ProNatural Brands has patents pending on two formulations and an EPA registered naturally derived, environmentally friendly sanitizer. Its EPA registered sanitizer has been imbedded into the patent pending, NSF International approved, Hydra Rinse cleaning systems process.